Sunday, 24 February 2013

UKITAKA KUANZISHA KAMPUNI TANZANIA, Haya ya msingi kuzingatia hapa.......

To set up business in Tanzania the following contacts, general approvals, permits and licences are required. However for those investors who pass through Tanzania Investment Centre facilitation of these requirements will be processed by the Centre.
Principal forms for business organisation are for sole proprietors, partnerships, joint ventures, incorporated company and registered branch of overseas companies. All companies must be registered in Dar-es-Salaam.
Registrar of Companies 
The contact address of the Registrar of Companies is as follows: Co-operative Building, 10th Floor, Lumumba Street, P.O. Box 9393, Dar es Salaam. Tel: (+255-51) 180385, 180113, 180371 and 188344
This is the first contact an investor makes in registering business in Tanzania. Private companies must have a minimum of two shareholders.
Application Process: The application process varies depending on the entity being registered as indicated above.
To register Trade Names: Apply in writing directly to the Registrar of Companies.
To register Private Companies: Prepare Memorandum and Articles of Association once the trade name has been accepted. Law firms are available to assist investors. Several forms are required to be filled and submitted to the Registrar. These include application, list of directors, details of nominal shares, particulars of directors or managers and notice of situation of office.
To register a Branch of a Foreign Company: Provide a certified copy of the company charter, Memorandum & Articles of Association from the country of origin and information provided above.
To register Trade/Service Marks: 
Pay registration fees and place the advertisement in the Official Gazette.
Applicable Fees:
  • Fees for Certificate of Compliance US$ 800;
  • Fees for Certificate of Incorporation US$ 350.

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