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Keyshia Cole Attends ‘Woman To Woman’ Listening Party In LA

Keyshia Cole looked stunning as she hit up her West Coast listening party for her new album, “Woman To Woman’ last night in Los Angeles.  Dressed in a Valentino ensemble and Versace heels, she arrived at the Thom Thom Club in good spirits after a meeting with her label.
A few highlights from her upcoming album include the tracks, “Hey Sexy”, “Trust & Believe” and “Woman To Woman” which features Ashanti. Earlier this year, Keyshia revealed that she wanted to get Brandy on the record but unfortunately things did not work out. Brandy told us in a recent interview:
I’m so mad that it didn’t work out. She did reach out to me and I was down with it, I don’t know what happened, maybe the timing wasn’t right but she is an incredible artist and I am just happy to see her back doing her thing.
During the session, Keyshia seemed excited as she danced and whined to some of her own tracks. You couldn’t help but notice the smile on her face as if she was reminiscing about all the hard work she put into each song while flashing that big rock on her finger. She later hopped on the mic and expressed that she was grateful to work with a team of great writers that allowed her to get drunk and let every emotion out on each song.
She has plans to release a new record with Meek Mill today and there is a possibility that she will release her new video for “Trust & Believe” later tonight after her show, “Keyshia & Daniel” airs.
Catch a few pics from the listening party below:

Jay-Z Says He Has 99 Problems But Mitt Romney Ain’t One, Beyonce Writes A Letter To Obama

Hip Hop couple Jay-Z and Beyonce are doing everything they can to encourage voters to re-elect President Obama!
Yesterday evening, Jay-Z and Bruce Springstein joined President Obama at a rally in Ohio in an effort to sway undecided voters in that state, which is one of nine swing states in this year’s election. Jay-Z took to the stage and hyped the crowd up by asking, “Are we ready to move forward Ohio?” before performing his hit “99 Problems.” Surely the president wasn’t going to have Jay dropping the word ‘b—-’ all throughout the song so he substituted the word with ‘Mitt’ in the chorus. Jay also performed, “On To The Next One,” “Run This Town,” and “Encore” before he introduced the president by saying:
“Four years ago we voted for hope and change. That change is also on the way, we know it’s not an overnight thing, but we absolutely want to move forward.”
Meanwhile, his wife Beyonce was back online writing her open letters, this time to the president himself. She kept it short and sweet, singing his praises and letting the world know why he is an inspiration to all.
Peep Beyonce’s letter, plus watch Jay-Z perform “99 Problems” [but Mitt Romney Ain't One] below: CONTINUE READING

Spotted: Amber Rose Baby Bumping On The Beach, Jhene Aiko Meets Nas, And Nelly Butt Naked On His Birthday

Now that we know that Amber Rose is pregnant for sure, this is about to be the longest pregnancy in history…[well, aside from Mariah Carey's].  She was spotted rocking dark hair this past weekend as she hit the beach and spent time doing mushy things like writing her and Wiz’s name in the sand.  Meanwhile, Wiz was off doing shows and avoiding groupies.  He told Complex in a recent interview:  ‘Groupies? I don’t do that. My girl said to me, ‘Baby, these b*tches don’t even deserve to breathe your air.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? You right.’
How lucky is Jhene Aiko?  She is currently on the road touring with Nas (Ain’t he fine!? Life is definitely treating him good).  Surprisingly enough, she finally had the chance to meet him this weekend in Norfolk.  She tweeted: “nice to officially meet you @Nas . It’s my pleasure opening up

Chris Rock Has A Message For White Voters

Today, America will elect it’s next President of the United States and the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney will come to an end. Throughout the campaign the race card has been thrown around by both sides, but Chris Rock has a very special message for white voters who are looking for a “white president they can trust”.
During a recent segment on Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Rock appeared in a PSA targeted towards undecided white voters and gave many good reasons why President Obama is the “white president” to vote for.
Catch a few funny quotes from Chris Rock below:

[Video] Nicki Minaj Sets Everybody Straight On ‘Nicki Minaj: My Truth’

Nicki Minaj probably makes more in an hour than most people make per year, but is she ever happy?
Last night, E! aired the first installment of Nicki Minaj: My Truth, and let’s just say that although she is pretty much living out her dreams, Nicki makes her job look stressful as hell! And it looks as though she doesn’t go a day without cussing somebody out.
During the first show, fans were given a peek into her recording session as she finished up her next single, “Freedom”, as well as her first day as a judge on American Idol. She also rushed off to do an interview for The View (which she missed because she was late),  filmed her new video for “Boys” (while cussing out her manager on set) and launched her new perfume at Macy’s.  During her press run for the new fragrance, she ended up giving blogger Perez Hilton the business for printing up “lies” about her beefing with Rihanna at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.
Let’s be clear:  Nicki watches each episode before it airs so she knows that sometimes she looks like a “b-tch on wheels,” but you have to respect her being able to broadcast her truth versus putting something out that’s totally fake.  In an interview with British talk show host Alan Carr, she said:
You know what’s crazy? I didn’t realize how much I swore until I saw the first episode of the E! special and I’m cussing someone out and I’m just like how many times am I going to say the F word?
They will see the real sh-t. I mean its time. I can’t have people thinking that it’s just this Barbie thing because we

Bitchie Or Not? Toni Braxton’s Tom Ford Backless Dress

Tom Ford’s Fall 2012 Backless dress sure does get around!
Over the weekend, Toni Braxton was spotted in a bright orange version of the dress as she arrived at the Lupus LA’s 10th Anniversary Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon in Hollywood. She kept her look simple with minimal jewelry and gold peep-toe pumps, all while letting the dress shine on its own.
This summer, J. Lo arrived at her birthday bash wearing the same backless number and Jada Pinkett Smith and Kim Kardashian stepped out in white versions of the dress earlier this year while wearing almost identical hairstyles.
Catch more pics below

New Video: Brandy – ‘Wildest Dreams’

Brandy is still doing it like she was over 15 years ago!
Over the weekend, she released a new video for Two Eleven‘s second single “Wildest Dreams”, which features her performing at a secret warehouse show. Brandy fans from all over begin heading to the show after finding out about the performance through a text message chain.  She also takes time out to chill with a muscular love interest and a few friends while throwing back drinks after the show is over.
On the track, which was inspired by Brandy’s boyfriend Ryan Press, she sings:
Out of an unknown place
Kinda like left field
You came in my life and help me heal
Just in the nick of time
When I lacked the will to keep on moving on
You’ve been in my dreams, before now
Couldn’t figure out the reasons
I kept asking God why
And now I’m receiving abundance of love
And I get it,
But never could imagine it
Watch the video below:

A Beautiful Message From Janelle Monae [ + A Few Black Girls Rock Performances]

Last night, BET aired the 7th Annual Black Girls Rocks Awards which celebrated black women in entertainment and various other fields who’ve made an impact as positive role models and inspirational leaders. The night was filled with unity and love as honorees like Dionne Warwick, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washingon and Susan L. Taylor took to the stage and offered words of wisdom during their acceptance speeches, but it was Janelle Monae’s speech that really knocked the show’s overall message out of the ball park.
Known for her signature style, a black tuxedo suit and white shirt combo, she said:
When I started my music career, I was a maid. I used to clean houses. My mother was a proud janitor. My stepfather, who raised me like his very own, worked at the post office and my father was a trashman.  They all wore uniforms and that’s why I stand here today, in my black and white, and I wear my uniform to honor them.
This is a reminder that I have work to do. I have people to uplift. I have people to inspire. And today, I wear my uniform proudly as a Cover Girl. I want to be clear, young girls, I didn’t have to change who I was to become a Cover Girl. I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness.
Embrace what makes

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